To have an effective, hitch free experience during the recovery of your funds from Insurance companies, you need people who have an in-depth knowledge of Maritime Insurance far beyond the usually mentioned classifications. People who understand and can interpret the laws governing marine insurance both in Nigeria and internationally, and smart enough to ensure that the insurance companies pay for cargos on time without delays.

We choose the right marine insurance company that can professionally handle all insurance well for our clients, and we work with them to ensure they pay our clients fully and promptly in event of any loss or damage.

We carry our clients along and help them understand all insurance processes being carried out on their behalf.

We work along side with shipping lines and sea ports to ensure that our clients goods are better protected so as to reduce risk.

We work with government maritime agencies to ensure a good insurance experience for our clients.

We help our clients instigate arbitrary and legal actions against insurance companies that want to absolve themselves of responsibilities they should accept etc.

These services are very importance because every persons meddling with maritime must first of all clearly understand that Maritime Insurance is a must, it is not luxury and should never be optional. Any good maritime professional whether clearing and forwarding agent, other forms of import and export personnel may not want to meddle with your cargo if it is not insured. Nearly everyday, cargos are damaged during haulage or lifting, pilfered or stolen at the port, forgotten or misplaced at other international port, jettisoned at the sea, or lost by accidents that occur at the sea and some very important points you need to note is that

Carriers are not liable for loss or damage to your cargo caused by natural disasters.
You can't predict when nature will strike, moreover anyone can accuse nature so you need to always protect your cargo with insurance.

Stolen or mishandled cargo is your responsibility.
Carriers can limit their liability according to tariffs or bills of lading. If your cargo is stolen or damaged in transit, your settlement may not even cover your replacement costs!

Carriers always have their contract of service well set up to exonerate them from many responsibilities. So thinking you would hold the shipping line responsible for your cargo is always an illusion.

And Much more important, even cargo underwriters set up their systems well enough to reduce and avoid responsibilities it is of great importance that you don't meddle naively meddle with insurance hoping that your cargo will be paid for under any form of loss. All Insurance companies will welcome you until you come for claims then they will gently explain to you why they can't accept responsibility over your lost or damage goods. And in most cases they can prove themselves right in any court of law.

The sum total is working with our different Maritime sections to enable you have a lovely maritime experience