When one is sending a consignment via any means, shipment tracking is a factor that is considered important. This plays a role in deciding whether the sender will use a certain means or not. Shipment tracking allows the sender to know the status of his consignment from the time it is sent to the time that it is delivered. It basically updates the sender and intended receiver where the cargo is. This helps the receiver to make special arrangements to go and receive the consignment when it reaches its destination. Being able to locate where a consignment is during transit assures both the sender and the receiver of how safe their consignment is.
It gives both the owner of the cargo peace of mind, helps him or her to know when the ship carrying their cargo has temporarily stopped at any port, or when their cargo have been mistakenly left at any port there helping them raise alert in good enough time to ensure that their cargo arrives as quickly as possible.
It helps the owner also know when the ship carry his cargo has run into trouble and thereby help them start working for insurance as soon as possible. Furthermore, if one is engaged in business and is sending packages to his customers, this service will work to his advantage. Keeping customers updated on the status of their goods will create mutual trust and blend the sender to be a very reliable party to work with. All that a business needs to be successful is to be reliable in the eyes of its customers and shipment tracking does just that.